Make Your Procurement More Easy and Structured

System that allows organizations to automate the process of purchasing goods/services and maintaining inventory.

E-procurement systems offer improved spend visibility and control and help finance officers match purchases with purchase orders, receipts and job tickets.

Image Description EProcurement
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System Administration

Provide details of the steps in the procurement process.
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Vendor Management

Makes it easy for Vendors to join and make product offerings to assess Vendor Performance.
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Survey Mobile Application

Surveys can be done in real time, easier and more accurate.



Purchase Request

Request For Quotation

Purchase Order

Approval Process

Addendum Order

Vendor Management

Survey Mobile Application

Vendor Scoring

Good Receive Notes

Planning of Buying

Budget Validations

The Excess Services We Offer

Planning of Buying

Make a contract with a vendor to bind the price of an item by purchasing goods in large quantities. 

Approval Process

The approval process is based on several levels of users and also based on total purchases

Vendor Scoring

Evaluation of vendor performance can be directly carried out based on the completeness of documents, experience, and quality of goods sent.

Tender Compare and Retender

Comparing more than one Vendor who joined the tender, and can re-tender if the price has not been agreed upon.

Survey with Android Apps

Surveyors can easily see the schedule and enter survey results in real-time

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