Nata Smart Resident

Manage your residential with smart technology


Residential Management System

Known as 'Building Management System', core backend system for manage the billing of property (housing or apartment)

Smart Resident Application (Android)

An android mobile application that used by the tenant or customer to get updated information, purchase daily needs, and submit reports or inquiries

Helpdesk System

Backend system to receive any reports or complaint from customer, manage the work fixing, until the reports is solved.

Accounting System

A simple reporting financial system that linked to the core backend system, to keep track of income and expenses of the Building Management activities.

Residential Management System

Resident Move In

Input resident data and mark it as owner or lessee, unit empty or stay status.


Collect customer deposit to make sure the billing payment is getting paid by the customer.

User Login & Authority

Unlimited user login and manage the user authority access of each page.

Master Billing Item

Setup all the billing items including price, minimum usage, admin fee, additional fee, or tax if any.

Resident Billing Item

Each unit has its own setup of billing item and can be differ from another. Very customize!

Billing Usage

Use QR code to record each customer billing usage, and directly generate the invoice.


Invoice can be differ by water, utilities, or payment account. Paperless invoice and directly send to Smart Resident App.
Billing Payment

Billing Payment

Payment can be made from cashier or online via Smart Resident App. Admin just need to verify, and voila! Payment is done.

Direct Purchase

Control the revenue of other services or facilities, such as room rentals, access card, personal services, etc

Smart Resident Application

Smart Resident Application (Android)

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